Creating the space for all people to experience the love of Jesus through the love of His people.

At missio Dei: Falcon you can expect…

Biblical Preaching

Systematic, verse by verse teaching through whole books of the Bible in an applicable and understandable way.

missio: Kids

A vibrant, Gospel-driven children’s ministry that partners with parents to make disciples of their children. Infants-5th Grade. 

Christ-Centered Worship

Seeing lives changed through worship as we rehearse the good news of the Gospel through liturgy and song. 

Table Group Discussions

We believe life-change happens best in community, so we sit around tables and provide time for discussion each week. 

Our Vision

We desire to be a community that experiences growth in the following areas…

Personal Growth

We desire to see individuals grow in their faith as our hearts and minds grow in grace and truth.

Relational Growth

We desire to see our community grow in faith as we cultivate an environment that is a place you can invite your friends.

Communal Growth

We desire to see the identity of Falcon shaped by the Gospel as we become an anchor in the community.

Missional Growth

We desire to see many more communities shaped by the Gospel as we become a church that plants churches.

Latest news

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