3 Things To Know… Video Update 3.18.21

1. Worship Gathering, Sunday, March 21st.
-RSVP to join us at Woodmen Hills Elementary: https://missiodeifalcon.ccbchurch.com…
-Watch the livestream on YouTube: YouTube.com/missioDeiFalcon
-Prepare for church with this home worship guide: missioDeiFalcon.org/blog

2. Good Friday Services: 5:30​ and 7:00.
-missio: Kids will be available for the 5:30​ service.
-RSVP for either service: https://missiodeifalcon.ccbchurch.com…

3. Easter Services: 8:30, 10:00, 11:30.
-Baptisms at the 8:30 service, email info@missiodeifalcon.org if you would like to be baptized!
-missio: Kids will be available for the 10:00 service.
-Invite a friend to join!
-RSVP for any service: https://missiodeifalcon.ccbchurch.com…