3 Things To Know… Video Update 6.2.20

3 Things To Know… Video Update 6.2.20 from missio Dei: Falcon on Vimeo.

1. June 14th: The school will be available to us on June 14th for our Sunday morning worship gathering. Please take a moment to review the requirements from the school in order to use their building, and then prayerfully respond regarding if you are led to come on the 14th, and if so, how many seats you will need reserved. Respond here: 


2. June 7th: Sunday morning we will gather for prayer via Zoom for our corporate worship gathering. Adults will pray at 10:00, missio: Kids at 9:30. Links will be emailed out later this week.

3. The Gospel And Race: Tomorrow we will email resources regarding the issue of race and how the Gospel leads us to respond to our current cultural moment. Please use these resources to prepare your heart for our time of prayer Sunday morning. 

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