3 Things To Know… Video Update 7.16.20

3 Things To Know… Video Update 7.16.20 from missio Dei: Falcon on Vimeo.

1. Worship
This coming Sunday we will be introducing and praying over Rachel Clark as our Deacon of Worship. We are excited for her to be able to use her gifts and step into this role!

2. Service
If you would like to join our video, audio, worship, setup, teardown, or greeting teams please follow this link: missioDeiFalcon.org/serve

3. Presence
Encouragement from fellow Christ-followers is essential for us all! Please be present for the worship gathering through one of the following mediums:

-RSVP for a seat this Sunday at WHES: missiodeifalcon.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/34/responses/new
-Watch the livestream with a member of your DC: youtube.com/missiodeifalcon.
-Join a Zoom discussion table following the sermon: Link will be posted below the livestream Sunday morning.