3 Things To Know… Video Update 7.23.20

3 Things To Know… Video Update 7.23.20 from missio Dei: Falcon on Vimeo.

1. Be present.
There are four options for you to be present at church this Sunday:
A. RSVP to have us save you seats in the gym (missiodeifalcon.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/37/responses/new)
B. Watch the livestream with a member of your DC: youtube.com/missiodeifalcon.
C. Join a Zoom discussion table following the sermon: Link will be posted below the livestream Sunday morning.
D. Bring your kids to the missio: Kids lesson at 9:40 (or watch the recording later in the week).

2. Prayer over moving families.
If you are moving this summer or fall we would love to pray over you this Sunday (even if you won’t be able to attend in person!). Please email Kolburt to let him know, kolburt@missiodeifalcon.org

3. Outdoor Service, Sunday August 2nd, 10:00.
We hope you can join us on August 2nd for an outdoor service (weather permitting)!