4th on the 1st!

Our annual 4th of July BBQ and softball game will be on July 1st this year at Homestead Park (the park has fishing, trails, playground, pavilions, and restrooms) fireworks in Falcon following! Make sure to bring a friend!

Resources on Prayer

For the second week of our summer teaching series, focusing on “why we do what we do” as Christians, we spent some time studying the importance of prayer.

Throughout this series we hope to engage the practice we talk about on Sunday morning throughout the week. So, this second week we are encouraging everyone to spend some time each morning and evening in private prayer following the A.C.T.S. method we discussed. To that end, here are some things to pray about this week:

Tuesday: Pray for the members of our church to grow in their understanding of the Gospel and their love for Jesus.
Wednesday: Pray for the marriages in our church to be strong and filled with grace. Pray for the singles in our church to experience Jesus’ love as they serve His Kingdom. Pray for the parents in our church to point their children to Jesus. Pray for the kids in our church to grow into mighty men and women of God.
Thursday: Pray for our tables to be a place of love and grace, our missional communities to be anchors of community and launchpads for mission, missio: Kids and our volunteers to be Gospel-centered in all they do.
Friday: Pray for the community of Falcon (and COS and Peyton) to have it’s identity shaped by the Gospel. Pray that missio Dei would be an instrument in God’s hand to reach our neighbors.
Saturday: Pray for the churches we support in Utah, Seattle, and Paris to be encouraged as they proclaim the Gospel. Pray for a fruitful harvest as they are faithful to God’s call.

If you missed the message Sunday you can listen to it here.
A copy of the Prayer resources handout can be dowloaded here.

Summer Park Playdates!

Park Playdates: Thursdays, 10:00-12:00.

All summer long moms and their children will gather at a local park for a few hours of fun and fellowship. You don’t have to have kids in order to come though! The location will change each month for variety.

If you have any questions please contact Mekenzie Thompson at 719-209-1086.

Bible Study Tools

This morning in church we kicked off our summer teaching series, focusing on “why we do what we do” as Christians. This first sermon was on the Bible and why it is important for us to affirm that Scripture “is God’s Word, it is true, and it is given out of His love.”

Throughout this series we hope to engage the practice we talk about on Sunday morning throughout the week. So, this first week we are encouraging everyone to spend some time each morning and evening studying a portion of Psalm 119. Here are some resources to that end:

  • If you missed the message this morning you can listen to it here.
  • A copy of the Bible study methods handout can be dowloaded here.
  • And a daily reading plan for Psalm 119 can be dowloaded here.

Please pray that this intentional focus on God’s Word would be a fruitful exercise for our church.

New Year’s Eve Service

Join us Saturday December 31st to worship at the end of the 2016 year!

Time:  5:00 pm

Location:  8308 Del Rio Rd. Falcon, CO 80831


Worship Schedule


Saturday December 31st:  5:00pm-6:00pm Year End Reflection Service

Sunday January 1st:  No Service

Sunday January 8th: Back to normal worship schedule.  10 am worship service.

A Missional Halloween

If you observe the habits of American churches you’ll notice a peculiar trend every October. While the rest of the nation is gearing up for Halloween, evangelicals are planning harvest festivals, Reformation Day parties, and trunk-or-treat events. While stores are overflowing with items to decorate homes and neighborhoods, and seasonal costumes and candy, Christians are preparing to create separatist gatherings away from the clamor of this cultural holiday.

In many ways this reaction to Halloween is understandable. Halloween is primarily directed at children and we have long been told—rightly or not—that the chief goal of raising children is to protect them from the evil that exists all around. Furthermore, the current cultural iteration of Halloween does in fact celebrate many sins that the Bible rightly condemns.

However, as followers of Christ we have never been given a pass from engaging any culture or system. Rather, we are told to go into all the world to make disciples of Jesus. There is no culture or people who we are exempt from loving in the name of Jesus. Furthermore, we are told to go into all the world to do this loving and disciple making. We don’t throw our message into the world from a separatist enclave, instead we live among the people we are told to love.

Obviously there is no better example of this principle of going into all the world than Jesus Himself. He came to us by taking on human flesh and entering into humanity’s existence. He also went to all types of people in His ministry. Tax collectors and prostitutes, Pharisees and religious hypocrites. There is no type of person for whom Jesus’ love is not good news.

And thus we return to the topic of Halloween for the Christian in general and our church in particular. Harvest festivals, Reformation Day parties, and trunk-or-treat events are not wrong in and of themselves, but they are less than helpful for our church community if we view October 31st as an opportunity to embody the loving ministry of Jesus. Church events are notorious for attracting church-people. And while it is important for us to be understand that we church-people need to be reminded of Jesus’ love as much as anyone, we cannot allow ourselves to be quarantined from the people who would not consider themselves to be the “church-going type.”

Therefore, for Halloween we have chosen to not host an event for our church but instead go into our community as a means of loving people who would never attend a church event. On Halloween night we will put ourselves where we have the greatest chance of interacting with people who do not go to church on a regular basis: the streets of our neighborhoods. We will have five different homes where we give out cotton candy, hot cider and candy as a way of engaging our neighbors. We will go into all of our community as people who love Jesus and are therefore called to love others. The best way to share the Gospel with our neighbors is by loving our neighbors and we can’t love our neighbors without first being among them.

So rather than viewing Halloween as an evil thing that Christians must avoid we are trying to encourage one another to view Halloween as an opportunity to interact with people who you wouldn’t normally meet on a Sunday morning. And by showing a little bit of love and grace on Halloween night we pray we will have the opportunity to show more love and more grace as we build relationships with our neighbors in the months and years ahead.

4th of July Festivities

Join us for three fun activities this holiday weekend!

Fireworks: July 3rd at Antler Creek Golf Course, for more info click here.

Softball: July 4th, 9:00-11:00, 4th annual missio Dei: Falcon Softball game! For directions click here.

Church-wide BBQ: July 4th, 11:00-2:00, after the softball game. The church will provide the hamburgers and hotdogs, but please bring a dish to share: a dessert (last name A-I), side (J-R), or drink (S-Z).  Also, for planning purposes please let Kolburt know if you can make it!

As with all missio Dei: Falcon events, bring a friend, neighbor, or family member along!

Connect and Play…because joy is contagious and church should be fun!

We are devoting this summer to creating a fun atmosphere that will cultivate deeper relationships and provide opportunities to invite new people into our midst.  The following is a list of opportunities to engage in this vision:


August 31st: Falcon Hills Park Playdate: Join us any time between 9:00 and 12:00. Playgrounds, large fields, and bathrooms for the kids! Invite a friend and bring a snack. Located off of Lichtfield Street.


Look for event updates in the coming weeks!

Mission Update: Adoption Fund

On Mother’s Day we were very excited to announce that we have created an adoption fund as part of our mission giving.  This fund is currently set at 5% of all our mission giving and will be used to help pay for adoption costs for any missio Dei: Falcon members who are feeling led to adopt.

Of all the biblical metaphors for our relationship with Christ, adoption is perhaps one of the most powerful.  Without Jesus we were all orphans, alone and without hope, but God’s gracious love towards us through the cross made us His children (Galatians 4:3-7).  When our church members extend this same love toward a child who is in need of adoption they are not only changing the life of a precious little one, they are proclaiming the Gospel to the world!

If you are feeling led to adopt please contact a pastor so we can begin this exciting journey!  If you do not currently believe that this is what God has for you please pray about the possibility of God calling you to this, and know that a portion of your tithe to the church will help fund this process for one of your fellow church members.

Easter Sunday Service

Join us Sunday, March 27th at 10:00am as we celebrate the good news of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead!  We will have missio: Kids for kids 0-5th grade and a photo booth to take a family photo prior to the service.  Bring a friend!