Discipleship Collectives Spring 2019

Discipleship Collectives Spring 2019

Our Discipleship Collectives exist to create spaces where men and women can gather and ENCOUNTER Jesus through the transforming study of his Word, EXPERIENCE  Jesus through the love of His people, and ENGAGE the work of Jesus through missional discipleship.

Our new semester of Discipleship Collectives starts in January.  These groups exist in 4 forms: Men’s Groups, Women’s Groups, Mixed Groups, and Youth Group.  It is our desire to serve as many people we can in different parts of the city and on different days.  Below you will find a list of our various groups as well as a link to signup or request more information if there is not a group that meets your geography, day, or time.


Men’s Groups:

  • North Academy: Monday AM
  • Cordera: Monday PM
  • Cimarron Hills: Saturday AM

Women’s Groups:

  • Meridian Ranch: Wednesday AM
  • Black Forest: Wednesday AM

Mixed Groups:

  • Cottonwood: Monday PM
  • Cordera: Wednesday PM
  • North Gate: Wednesday PM
  • South Meridian Ranch: Wednesday PM
  • Banning Lewis: Wednesday PM
  • Peyton: Wednesday PM
  • Stetson Hills: Thursday PM
  • North Black Forest: Friday PM
  • Woodman: Sunday PM
  • South Black Forest: Sunday PM

Youth Group:

  • Meridian Ranch: Sunday PM


You can sign up for any of these groups here.  Please email Chad at chad@missiodeifalcon.org if you have any questions.