missio: Kids Toy Drive

Dear missio: Kids Families,

We are so excited to announce a really simple and practical way for our children and families to be on mission this month!! February is the month of “love.” Our culture tells us to look inward, that love is a feeling. Yet, as Christ followers, we know the greatest example of love was a gift; the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross for us! So, we want to partner with you as parents to disciple your children to push the LOVE of Jesus beyond ourselves!

We will be serving St. Francis hospital by providing toys, stuffed animals, and blankets for the pediatric department! The hospital would love for each kid that is admitted or has an extended stay to have a toy, stuffed animal, or blanket. To that end, we will be collecting NEW toys, stuffed animals, and blankets for all ages; infant on up. The hospital is not particularly picky, but nothing that makes a lot of noise. Examples include; teething toys, dolls, super heroes, small Lego sets; something that can be enjoyed in a hospital bed. Please keep all tags on.

Please prayerfully consider going on mission with us this and following Christ’s example as we give!!! Donations can be brought to church on Saturday nights from now until the end of the month!! Also, if you are interested in bring your children to the hospital when we drop the items off, please contact me!


Doing life on mission together!

Kellie Schultz
missio: Kids Director