Women, please join us for our summer discipleship gatherings! Our theme will be a life led by the Holy Spirit. We will be discussing Galatians 5:16-26 and we have two options available to you for the thriving of all the women at missio Dei: Falcon and those yet to attend! You can sign-up here for the morning gatherings or for the evening gatherings (full schedule below). We hope to see you this summer!

The first option available to you is our weekly morning park play and pray gatherings. These will take place during the months of June and July (see the full schedule below). These park gatherings are open house style and very casual. We will gather from 9-11 AM. Feel free to pack snacks and/or a lunch and bring a friend. You are welcome to stay the whole morning or come and go as needed. 

We will huddle up at 9:30 AM to meet and welcome everyone. We will then disperse to spend a few minutes talking about our theme, share prayer requests, and pray together in groups of two or three as we chase the three-year-olds around the park or push the little babes in swings or play frisbee with the big kids in the open field. This gathering is certainly not limited to mothers with young children. 

The second option available to you is our monthly evening play and pray gatherings. These will take place once a month during the months of June, July, and August (see the full schedule below) from 6:30-8:30 PM. These evening gatherings will be kid-free (no childcare provided), but certainly not limited to women without children. 

The heart for these summer gatherings is cross generational and cross seasonal discipleship and fellowship. If you are a flexible scheduled working woman, come pray and play during the day. If you are a mom needing a kid free couple of hours, come play and pray in the evening.  We pray these gatherings extend peoples social and ministry spheres. We pray there is movement among our ladies to step out of their normal comfort zones of people and grow around new sisters. We pray that this is a transformational summer with lasting fruit for our ladies as we disciple, pray, and love one another just as Christ loves us! 

The church would like to gift these studies to any and all women who attend and these verse cards (one per family). The purpose of these free resources is to encourage personal discipleship and family discipleship as we connect to the heart of Jesus and the power, freedom, and joy of a life led by His Spirit. The study will be the foundation for our discussions and gatherings over the summer.

Morning Schedule

Thursday, July 29th: 

  • Location: Judge Lunt Park (Briargate)
  • Time: 9-11 AM
  • Host: Rachel Clark 
  • Theme: Life Led by the Spirit (Self-Control)

Evening Schedule 

Thursday, August 12th:

  • Location: Peaks N Pines Brewery
  • Time: 6:30-8:30 PM
  • Host: April Klabon & Caitlyn Noble
  • Theme: Life Led by the Spirit (Week 3)

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